Our Group

BaltGaz Group was founded in 1995 and today occupies a leading position in production and supply of wall-hung water heaters and gas boilers. Basing on the years of experience in development and design and using advanced technologies, our Group annually brings to the Russian market a series of prospective models of its own brand.

The Group has its own warehouses, from where our products go to the customers from Russia and CIS countries. For the moment BaltGaz Group opened 8 additional branch offices and 3 authorized warehouses.

Our directions of activity:  

• Production of wall-hung gas water-heaters, gas boilers and stoves;
• Wholesale and retail sales of gas and electrical equipment;
• Gasification facilities, design and installation of engineering systems;
• Maintenance and repair  of domestic gas and electrical equipment, full range of works with heating and hot water supply facilities;
• Municipal gas equipment replacement program.


Main activities of the Group:

Gazkomplektservice -carries out the wholesale distribution of domestic and industrial  gas and electrical equipment and spare parts for Russia and CIS countries.

 Lengasapparat is a network of shops, offering retail sales in St.Petersburg. It offers a wide range of domestic gas and electrical equipment, spare parts and accessories, domestic appliances, home-made products of our own brands BaltGaz NEVA and BaltGaz NEVALUX .

Teplogazmontazh performs gasification facilities installation, designing and installation of engineering systems, repair and service maintenance of domestic gas and electrical equipment, technical service of the consumer gas supply lines in Russia.

BaltGaz Group includes St.Petersburg gas equipment plant OAO "Gazapparat", which is known as a reliable manufacturer of wall-hung water heaters in Russia. Today the plant produces various models of circulating wall-hung water-heaters under BaltGaz NEVA and BaltGaz NEVALUX trade marks and their modifications, as well as wall-mounted gas boilers with the feature of simultaneous heating of water  for domestic use and central heating.

The Group also has a brand new plant in Armavir, a city in the southern part of Russia, the OOO "Armavirsky Plant of Gas Equipment".

Our products are produced on modern production lines, equipped by high-tech Italian equipment, guaranteeing irreproachable quality of our appliances.

For years of successful work BaltGaz Group has been a leading manufacturer of domestic gas and electrical equipment not only in Russia but also in CIS countries. Our target is to provide customers with modern and high-quality household appliances creating comfort and easiness in everyday life. Therefore our main activities aim at continual improvement of technical and consumer properties of products, quality service, the introduction of new technologies and improvement of management based on the well-known global practices.

In 2009, it had been sold 200 000  NEVA and NEVALUX wall-hung water heaters, 9000 NEVALUX gas boilers, which make up 30% of wall-hung water heaters market.

BaltGaz Group annually holds conferences for dealers from CIS countries and all Russian cities. The key questions of discussion are the most important issues of the market development and favorable conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation and partnership.


18 Июня 2013г.